Therapeutic Massage is the integration of various massage modalities to meet each client's individual needs and goals - whether a client is seeking targeted deep tissue work, post-injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, or a stress-relieving and soothing massage.  

Sessions are conducted on a heated massage table with the client undressed to their level of comfort and covered by a sheet and blanket. 

Therapeutic Massage can help reduce muscle pain, tension, and fatigue, restore function and range of motion, lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase flexibility, promote emotional and physical ease and relaxation, improve athletic performance, improve immune function, and more. 

30 min Session = $45

60 min Session = $80

90 min Session = $110

Thai Massage uses compression, acupressure, and passive stretching to leave your body feeling open, flexible, and balanced. Often described as partner-assisted yoga, Thai Massage is part of traditional Thai medicine and works with the body's energetic pathways called sen. 

Sessions are conducted on the massage table, fully clothed, and begin with a warm foot bath five minutes prior to the scheduled session. Clients wear comfortable, loose-fitting or flexible clothing.

Thai Massage can help reduce back and hip pain, relieve joint stiffness, increase range of motion, restore postural balance, ease anxiety, improve sleep, and revive energy.

Thai Massage is not recommended for pregnant clients and/or clients with hypermobile joints.

60 min Session = $90

90 min Session = $120